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What is the End Product of Education?

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For years, the surest way to be successful and take care of your family and friends is via education. There is really no argument about this fact.
With this in mind, millions of young Nigerians sit annually for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to gain admission into higher institutions to study their preferred course and bag a certificate. Upon completing their study, they are mobilized for the one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and then they start job hunting. But, unfortunately, this is where they get stuck.

Besides the fact that available jobs are limited and highly competitive, the skills of these graduates are not commensurate with the job requirements. Hence, there are so many jobless graduates roaming offices, job hunting. Unfortunately, you are not spared from this job search dilemma, even if you are a first-class graduate.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in March 2021 reported that Nigeria’s unemployment rate rose to 33.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020, rising from 27.1 percent in the second quarter (June) of last year. This implies that one in three Nigerian of employable age is unemployed.

Education today should not be about going to a university for four or five years and getting a certificate that won’t get you a job. Instead, it should be about acquiring skills that will make you employable. This is because there has been an economic shift—a shift powered by information technology. Already, jobs like software development, UI/UX design, and cyber security are in high demand.

This switch to the digital economy was accelerated by the availability of the internet and exacerbated by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic towards the end of 2019, whereby companies had no choice but to revert to remote work. As a result, remote work was finally accepted and acknowledged as the future of work despite previous hesitancy.

Nigeria is slowly moving in this direction, but the country’s education system is yet to be restructured to reflect this economic shift. Thus, to Nigerians and other developing countries, the end product of education remains to get a certificate with which to start your job search. This is irrespective of whether they end up either underemployed or unemployable despite the financial and time cost of getting that education.

What should you do as a graduate or prospective graduate to acquire skills and knowledge that will make you employable? What skills are currently in demand and will remain fast selling in the tech industry? Where can you get this knowledge in a concise, efficient, and practical manner? First, you should join Zart Academy to learn information technology skills from world-class and experienced tutors.

Available courses include cybersecurity, full-stack development in JavaScript, PYTHON, Microsoft .NET, PHP/LARAVEL, and UI/UX design.
With 100% free practical lessons from practicing professionals for six months, and a one-year internship to sharpen your skills and build your portfolio, Zart Talent Academy helps make your dream of a career in information technology a reality. You can sign up right away at

If you are already a senior software engineer, then it is time to export your talent from the comfort of your living room. Sign up with Zart Recruit to work remotely with international IT companies and get paid better than any local company.

As technology and the work environment evolve, education must evolve along with industries. Education must empower you with skills that will make you employable and not just accumulate certificates. You can seize the opportunity that Zart Talent Foundation is offering to acquire these information technology skills.


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