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ZartTech launches Zarttalent by ISEF to equip Africans with digital skills

Lagos-based ZartTech has announced the launch of its new edtech, Zarttalent by ISEF in a statement today. The foundation aims to equip young Africans with ICT skills necessary to close the growing African skills gap. The project has also set aside 70% of recruitment positions for African women. According to a report by PwC, featured in 2020’s Digital Skills Insights publication, 79% of global CEOs are worried about the availability of digital skills in their workforces, with 87% of African CEOs sharing the same concern.

Can Africa Fund its Way Out of Poverty?

The narrative of Africa is nothing but positive. From time immemorial, Africa has been battling with all sorts of labels. These include lack of infrastructure, inequality, lack of opportunities, high crime rate, overpopulation, bad governance, corruption, and poverty. Many on the continent are already used to the over-flogged statement that Africans live on less than a dollar a day and that it is the world’s poverty capital. The international poverty line the World Bank says is $1.90 per day using purchasing power parity.

Redefining Education in The Developing World by Nelson Tosin Ajulo PhD

Education has been identified as the ultimate route to escape poverty. It is widely held that if you attend school, graduate, and get a lucrative job, your economic status will automatically be boosted or improved. This is still the case in today’s competitive world. However, it is hugely dependent on the nature or type of education you are receiving. Sadly, the type of education delivered to African students and many other developing nations can not get them out of poverty. This is why we have millions of young graduates out there that are not employable.

How Zarttalent by ISEF is equipping young Africans with ICT skills to participate & compete in the global marketplace

Access to feature, participate and compete in the global marketplace is not the exclusive right of developed and advanced economies of the world. Emerging and recovering countries also have this right. However, due to lack of infrastructure, misinformation and misconception, many African countries and people from less privileged backgrounds have been stopped from accessing the global marketplace.

How Sulaiman Tunde, a Full Stack Developer got remote int’l job via Zarttalent

Sulaiman Tunde, Zarttalent Sulaiman Sulaiman Tunde is a young, vibrant, and experienced full stack developer in Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria. He works remotely with Leasytime, a dutch Startup in The Netherlands. How did he get an international, you may ask? He got the job through Zarttalent. Zarttalent via Zartrecruit connects senior IT experts with international job opportunities to enable them to compete in the global marketplace. Tunde, in this interview, discusses his experience working with an international company, how he got the job, and much more.