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For years, the only way your family, friends, and neighbors would take you seriously as an adult is when they see you pack up your bag and leave the house in the morning. 
And you must return home looking tired and haggard at the end of the day.

If you come home smiling, and it is not the end of the month, then you most definitely have not worked hard that day.
As for those who live in Lagos, if you were not exhausted while leaving work for home, the traffic would sap out whatever energy (and happiness) you have left.

Maintaining a work-life balance when you are forced to leave home by 5 AM and only get to return home at 10 PM is an impossible task.
This is away from the noise and air pollution one experiences daily. Who is interested in estimating the worth of the personal and business hours spent in traffic?

In the midst of all these, working from home was seen as either a luxury enjoyed by a few whose work isn’t “that serious.”
All of that mindset changed overnight when a global pandemic in 2020 forced everyone to shut down offices and stay at home.

Suddenly, the idea of remote work wasn’t so much wishful thinking for lazy folks anymore.
Companies and entire industries were jolted into the reality that remote work is not just a viable option, but in some cases, the best choice for their work type.

Over a year later, restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being lifted worldwide, yet companies are reluctant to rule out remote work.
The innovation and creativity that companies have witnessed their staff produce from a place of comfort and familiarity are ones they are not in a hurry to lose out on.

There is also the fact that remote work allows firms to hire staff beyond their city and national borders.
Thanks to the internet and other technological innovations, meetings are being held, and reports are being sent in from distances our grandparents would have deemed impossible.

With the transcontinental opportunity that remote work has opened up, you can prepare yourself for the IT job of your dream by registering to attend a free 6-months training program in any computer-related course of your choice at Zart Academy.

If you are already a senior software engineer, then it is time to export your talent from the comfort of your sitting room.
Sign up with Zart Recruit to work with international IT companies remotely and get paid better than any Nigerian company would pay.

The world as we know it is changed forever. Remote work is the new normal.
Seize this opportunity presented by the Zart Talent Foundation through Zart Academy. When you want to tell the story of how you made it, you can look back at this year with a big smile on your face.


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