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While seeing a movie, it is not uncommon to see something so unbelievable that you conclude, “this can only happen in movies.” Some are even stranger than fiction. Others are futuristic at best. In our wildest imagination, we believe there is no way this technology is already in use.

When it comes to security and law enforcement, we see more of these scenarios. We believe that the “bad guys” will always be ahead of the good guys. The cops will always play catch up to the criminals. So we are always left in shock when law enforcement seemingly advances in leaps and bounds. The fact that law enforcement tends to keep some of their innovations under wraps until they are already entirely in use and common knowledge is one factor that leaves people unsure about law enforcement’s ability. 

Many people found it impossible to believe when news broke of a drug dealer being identified and arrested off pictures of him holding a piece of cheese online. This is one of those too laughable for TV moments. 
The fact that the picture didn’t include his face was a supplement. And of all items to lead to his arrest, it just had to be cheese. 

If the good guys, the cops, the law enforcement agencies have developed the capacity to recover fingerprints off of pictures, what do you think the bad guys, the criminals, identity thieves especially can do with your photos online? 
Apparently, the technology on phone cameras is advanced enough to capture enough details to recreate one’s fingerprint. 

With this information in mind, you should be more careful how your pictures are distributed online. Just as you would not share your CVV number, images of your fingers could hold a lot more value than your ATM or credit card does. 
Thankfully, the good guys are constantly finding ways to not just catch up with the bad guys but to stay ahead of them. This is because the use of technology in security is continually evolving. 

Zart Cyber is currently providing top-notch cybersecurity services to companies around the globe. Their services include quick scan, extended scan, Security Education Training & Awareness (SETA), penetration testing & vulnerability assessment, third-party risk assessment, cloud security assessment, and others.
The protection of you, your assets, and your intellectual properties is our utmost priority.

If you dream of being one of the good people who use technology to ensure the security of lives and properties, then cybersecurity is the career for you. 

From security analyst to security architect, security software developer, security engineer, computer forensics, ethical hacker, cryptography, penetration testing, risk management, and others, the industry though decades old, is still nascent enough to welcome intelligent-minded learners with an eye for innovation. 

Zart Academy is providing a free six months training program in cybersecurity. A one-year internship will follow the training to help graduates gain industrial experience. 

Our facilitators are seasoned cybersecurity experts who currently work for top tech companies across the globe. With accommodation, feeding, uninterrupted electricity, and high-speed internet provided, nothing can stop you from kick-starting your cybersecurity career. 

Visit to register today.


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