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“Family Is Everything” – Dom

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For those who have watched more than one out of the nine fast and furious movies, if there is one lesson you learn other than how to drive a fast car “in your head,” it is the fact that family is everything.
“Family is everything.” That is all Dominic Toretto is trying to say. From Fast and Furious to Fast 9, that is Dom’s message.

For family, Dom and his chosen family would climb any mountain, go down to any valley, wade through any ocean, outrace a submarine, a torpedo, a plane, even drive to outer space. Anything for family.
The world of Fast and Furious might be fictional, but the key message is as real as oxygen.

As the most fundamental unit of society, the family is where the building block of our society is laid. You can then understand the dangers that arise when a family is forced to separate because one of the members has to separate from others to earn a living.
This is a challenge that is prevalent in many Nigerian, African, and yet developing communities. Because career and economic advancement opportunities are limited, people are forced to seek greener pastures in more developed countries.

In most such cases, the father or mother leaves behind their spouse and children, hoping to get a job and start sending money back home for their upkeep. However, in extreme cases, both parents abandon their children with grandparents while trying to make a living.
These parents try to keep in touch with their children through technologies like video calls and chats. Time difference remains a limiting factor, though.

Add to that. The network might be unstable or unavailable if the grandparents stay in the village or a remote place. Or the children might be too young to operate a laptop or phone, while the grandparents are too old and unfamiliar with them. So the children end up growing without a proper connection to their parents.

In the best of cases where there is access and proper use of phones and computers to stay in touch, the physical presence is still lacking, especially in pivotal years.
While the children are toddlers, teenagers, and young adults, these are times when they are the most impressionable.
There are also times when the children might be emotionally overwhelmed, mentally drained, and need comfort, succor, and reassurance but cannot get it.

The strain on both partners cannot be overstated too. From seeing and feeling your spouse every day to only calling them at a specific time daily, nothing is ever the same.
The cost of emigration on each member of the family is often overlooked until it starts to impact each person negatively. At that time, not much could be done to rectify it. So instead, everyone tries to live with the strain and deal with it however they can.

In this tech age, though, emigrating for economic reasons is no longer as necessary as used to be the case. Instead, you can stay in your home country and work remotely with any company, anywhere in the world.
Zart Recruit currently lists different open spots for tech roles worldwide, and senior tech specialists across Africa can apply.

Current tech experts on the program have testified to how satisfied they feel staying connected to their families while earning better than they would be earning with local companies.
They do not have to split their family to earn more.

Zart Academy is at the rescue for those still considering a career path on tech but are discouraged by the lack of quality education or the exorbitant cost of the available options.
Zart Academy is training the next generation of Nigerian tech talents for free.

For the next set of students, training will be in cybersecurity. The training will be handled by professionals and will be hands-on practicals.
There will also be soft skills training and culture coaching. This is to ensure the students are up to date in international work culture and best practices.

Admitted students will enjoy free accommodation, feeding, an uninterrupted power supply, and reliable high-speed internet access. Students of Zart Academy will also be provided with high-performing laptops to ensure they can practice adequately and never have a reason to be below par.

Family is everything, and in this day and age, we have the privilege more than ever to choose our family. Zart Talent Foundation is choosing you to be a part of its family of high achievers, world-beaters, and community change-makers.
If you want to be a part of this extraordinary family, visit to register today.
It would help if you shared this opportunity with all your blood and chosen family members you believe should be a part of the Zart Family.

As for senior tech experts interested in working with international companies, you should visit to find out how you can take your career to the next level.
Vacancies currently exist in blockchain development, cyber security, information security, frontend development, backend development, Ruby, ReactJs, .NET, Android development, iOS development, Unity development, data analysis, business intelligence, and other roles.

These roles are remote. Therefore you don’t have to emigrate and leave your family behind. You also gain international work experience and exposure to global best practices.
Our recruitment team is ready to ease your evaluation and onboarding process. Export your tech skills to foreign shores and earn well for the value you have to offer.

Zart Recruit is happy to help you find your dream job. However, if your dream role isn’t currently available, you should still sign up while we help ensure you get your dream job.
In the end, Zart Talent is about family. We are making families happier, healthier, and prosperous together.


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