Goal 9. Innovation and Infrastructure

The Problem

Lack of access to infrastructure has been an inhibiting factor to innovation and productivity globally. From electricity to sanitation, potable water, and an internet connection, people are often left busy eeking out a survival that they have no time left to contribute out of their intelligence and ingenuity to humanity. With electricity and internet connection especially, inability to access either can mean being cut off from the world. 


This would result in double jeopardy as vital information is sometimes exclusive to the internet. From job vacancies to scholarship opportunities, some opportunities never make it to the radio or newspapers. In some cases where they do, it is already too late for interested people to take action. Being unable to access the internet would also mean that the wealth of information currently available online would be lost to the person. As things stand, no library has on its shelves enough books to hold the information that the internet holds.

Our Approach

In countries like Nigeria and Nicaragua where a personal computer is still a luxury to many, Zart Academy will be providing laptops and internet access to its students. This would give them an advantage that many of their peers can still only wish for. With steady electricity and high-speed internet connection at the Zart Academy campuses, students are not constrained to what our team of dedicated tutors would be teaching them, they can get on the internet and learn more for themselves. 

More importantly, they can get on online forums and mix with students and experts from around the world. They also get to practice as much as they need, putting in more than the fabled 1,000 hours required to be an expert in any endeavor within their six months of training.