Goal 17. Partnership For The Goals

The Problem

A major drawback of the Vision 2020 Millennium Development Goals is that the approach to executing it was designed to be more competitive than collaborative. This resulted in failure to synergize, leverage, and partner for a better outcome. It also meant that efforts were often duplicated, successful strategies weren’t replicated, and resources were not judiciously used.

All of these motivated the United Nations to include Goal 17 in the Sustainable Development Goals. After highlighting the first sixteen goals that humanity considered as a priority, a goal of ensuring that humanity comes together to maximize resources and expertise to tackle existential and sustainability threats to all of us.

Our Approach

Zarttalent believes in a just world where everyone is stronger together. This is only possible if everyone works together in achieving it. 

Our approach to manifesting this just world is by bridging the gap. The gap between the technologically advanced and the technologically challenged, those with a need for workers and those with a need for jobs, global tech industry standard and the technically uneducated, monotonously non inclusive workplaces and the diverse talent pool.

By bringing these two worlds together, they can use their respective strengths to empower, grow, and advance one another. The diversity produced from this will also spur innovation, productivity, and balance. At Zarttalent, we are actively looking for willing partners with whom we can create a better world. Using our arms, Zart Academy, Zart Recruit, and Zart Hub, we educate, engage, and empower people from underrepresented communities with practical tech education, work opportunities, mentorship, infrastructure, and funding needed to begin, sustain, and scale their startups.

We welcome every partnership from private individuals, private organizations, institutions, public bodies, and different governments to accomplish our mission. 

Technical assistance, recruitment opportunities, internship positions, equipment donations, and funding are all welcomed. Any other form of partnership is welcome.