“Family Is Everything” – Dom

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Family is everything, and in this day and age, we have the privilege more than ever to choose our family. Zart Talent Foundation is choosing you to be a part of its family of high achievers, world-beaters, and community change-makers.
If you want to be a part of this extraordinary family, visit zwarttalent.org/zwart-academy to register today.

The Work Visa Debacle

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Securing a remote job does not require a work visa. As long as the talent possesses the technical expertise and reliable internet connection, they can work remotely with any company, anywhere in the world.

What Africans Can’t Wait To Do With 5G

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All of these are only a glimpse of what is possible through 5G.
Now more than ever, you should be considering a career in tech as this will maximize the use of 5G in earning you an income.

Are You Ready For Android Apps On Windows PC?

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The biggest news about Windows 11 so far has been the ability to use Android apps on the PC. This is a feature that people have been requesting for a long time. People have gone as far as innovating ways to sideload Android apps on Windows.

Fellow Nigerians, Welcome To The 5G Age

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With the Nigerian tech industry about to step into the next stage in its evolution thanks to 5G, Zart Academy is preparing the next generation of African tech talents with the skills required to function and prosper in the global tech market.

Interoperability × Keep Up With Tech

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As the different platforms announce their next move in terms of interoperability, developers would know where they stand.
Changes across the industry would mean developers would have to learn a bit more to stay updated with the next trend.

Fingerprints And Cybersecurity × Keep Up With Tech

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Zart Cyber is currently providing top-notch cybersecurity services to companies around the globe. Their services include quick scan, extended scan, Security Education Training & Awareness (SETA), penetration testing & vulnerability assessment, third-party risk assessment, cloud security assessment, and others.
The protection of you, your assets, and your intellectual properties is our utmost priority.

The New Space Race

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The career prospect of someone in one of the computer sciences is only going to get better.
The more private companies get into the space race, the more computer scientists they will require.